Frequently Asked Questions

Gotta question?

Does the U.T.E. Local support the new KELSO committee?

Yes, UTE Local 20003 and its executive, fully support the endevours of the newly formed KELSO Committee (Kelowna Social Committee). KELSO is for the benefit of all employees working at the Kelowna office. Congratulations to KELSO for their first successful event (Chili Day), where enough money was raised to put the deposit on their D.J. for the Christmas party. The Christmas Party is being planned for December 8th. For more information on the Kelowna Social Club (KELSO), contact Heather Held, Evie Cumming or Heather Reiter.

Why was the Kelowna local formed? The Kelowna local was formed by the membership in accordance with Regulation No. 2 of the Union of Taxation Employees. The growth of the Southern Interior Tax Services office has resulted in a large number of U.T.E. members working out of the Kelowna location. It is a natural progression for new locals to be formed when the membership is large enough to sustain itself and when a location is at a distance from the local.

How were our local bylaws formed?

All U.T.E. locals have their own set of bylaws. The bylaws from the Kelowna local mirror many of the bylaws of U.T.E. locals yet have been tailored to suit the needs of the membership in Kelowna. Once a draft set of bylaw was created, it went out to the interim executive and the members for input. Once input had been received, the bylaws were forwarded to U.T.E. National office for review. The final version was presented at our Annual General Meeting on December 14, 2005. These bylaws are a foundation for which the local conducts it's business including elections, meetings and duties of the executive. It can be chaned only at a Special General Meeting or Annual General meeting by the membership.

Will my dues go up now that we have our own local?

This is a good question. We have a local of 72 members. Current dues are $4.00 per member per month. The local executive has made a committment to the members to be fiscally responsible and ahdere to the budget that was presented at the A.G.M. Should there be an over expenditure, then the local Executive is accountable to the membership to explain why. If your dues need to go up as a result in an unavoidable increase in operating costs, this will be addressed at an Annual General Meeting or Special General meeting and will need to be voted on by the memberhsip.

Why should I get involved in this new Local?

This new local is nothing without the members it represents. Getting involved doesn't only mean that one has to be a member of the executive. All members are invited to attend the executive meetings. All members are encouraged to participate in training. All members are expected to bring their issues and concerns to the local executive so that they can be addressed. Although we don't have a magic wand to make everything work 100% of the time, we need to have an active, aware, and educated membership in order to be a successful local.