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Local Committees

Our local committees, with the exception of the Membership, AGM and Education committees, mirror the National UTE committees.

You can start your involvement in the local by becoming an active member in a committee. The committees are always looking for people with skills that can and will assist. For example, one of the responsibilities of the Communications committee is this website and the committee can always use new ideas on layout and people with web design skills to help.

Check out the full list of Committees below and see where you could help out, today


Do you need help with an issue at the office?
Can't understand the collective agreement?

Then you should contact one of our stewards. They can help you to understand your rights under the collective agreement and deal with issues of harassment or discrimination at the workplace and much, much, more. You can also email us at help(at)bcute.org


Not sure if a Steward is what you need?
Want to know what is happening in the daily business of the Local?
Looking to bring a matter to the attention of the Executive?

Then feel free to contact any of the local executive to find out what is going on and available. There are also courses available that can educate you on how to interpret the Collective Agreement, Health and Safety and many other things.

Local Executive

Picture Position Name
 BCSalmon President* Heather Kenny
BCSalmon Vice President** Johann Ackermann
BCSalmon Financial Officer** Chris Vincente
BCSalmon Recording Secretary* Owen McIlvenna
BCSalmon Officer** Evelyn VanderStaare
BCSalmon Officer** Danielle Meloche
BCSalmon Officer* Grace Akene
BCSalmon Officer* Zita Lambert
BCSalmon Equal Opportunities Rep.* Lea Serron
BCSalmon Term Rep** Sharon Ho
          *Term of office ends in 2018 - ** Term of office ends in 2019
BCSalmon Chief Steward Lea Serron
BCSalmon Steward Johann Ackermann
BCSalmon Steward Owen McIlvenna


To contact a member of the executive or a steward by email click here and follow the email link

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Committees Chair
Remember: that you do not have to be a member of the Executive to be on one of these Committees, and they are always looking for people to help. If you have a skill or interest in any of these committees please contact the chair of the committee as listed below.
Bargaining/Political Action Owen
Bylaws Zita
Equal Opportunities Lea
Finance Chris
Scholarship Grace
Honours and Awards Grace
Stewards Lea
Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Owen
Communications Danielle
Technological Change Chris
EAP Sharon
Annual General Meeting (AGM)/Social/Benevolent Evelyn
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Rev: June 4,  2018