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 Please note the updated information for 2018 Scholarship applications.

The deadline is July 27th, 2018.

If you have any questions, please email us at scholarship@bcute.org




UTE (PSAC) Local 20029

2018 Scholarships


The local each year offers two (2) $1,000.00 Local Scholarships.




Both scholarships are available for members who have been, at any time, in good standing during the current calendar year of the Local, their spouse, their common-law spouse and/or their children or grandchildren.  However, no more than one scholarship will be awarded to the same family in a given year.


For this purpose, children or grandchildren of a member in good standing is defined as follows:


  1. A person of whom the member is the natural parent or grandparent, whether the person was born within or outside marriage;


  1. A person who is wholly dependent on the member for support and of whom the member has immediately or before the person attained the age of nineteen (19) years had, in law or in fact, the custody and control;


  1. A child or grandchild of the member’s spouse or common-law partner or;


  1. An adopted child of the member.




A 500-700 word essay on one of the following topics:

a)     If you were a member of the Union Executive, what specific strategies would you employ to engage your members in the workplace?


b)     When career planning, why would you consider working in a union shop?

c)      In your opinion, what are your responsibilities as an employee working in a union-based workplace



Note:  All submissions become the property of the Local.


If your submission is by visual, please provide an explanation of how it

meets one of the topics.


·         Brief statements from two (2) persons with whom you have worked during the past year, containing their general evaluation of your work, your capabilities, your character and performance.  These persons could include:  teachers, clergy, community service leaders, supervisors etc.  The statements may be sent directly to the local; and


·         Proof of registration with the name of the University, College, or Institute of higher learning you will be attending must be submitted with your application.  Attendance shall be verified before the granting of the award.




The Local’s Honours and Awards Committee will base their selection on the



·         Submission by the applicant (details outlined under requirements);

·         Statement pertaining to your program and career plans;

·         Statement of your community involvement, and;

·         Statement of your union involvement, that of your spouse or that of your parents.


Preference may be given to people entering their first year of University, College,

or Institute of higher learning, in both classroom and/or online courses.  However,

applicants may be entering years other than their first year.  Attendance must be

on a full time or a part time basis.


Preference may be given to first time recipients.


An applicant will not be excluded if they do not possess each and every criterion.

The selection criteria will be reviewed as a whole.


The Local reserves the right to withhold the granting of an award if no applicant is

deemed to possess the necessary requirements, or for other valid reasons.


All documents MUST be supplied with your application, otherwise it will be

considered incomplete.  Your application MUST be postmarked/emailed by no

later than July 27th, 2018.



Must be submitted no later than July 27th by mail/email to:


The Union of Taxation Employees Local 20029                       

Attn: Honours and Awards Committee                          

P.O. Box 325, 10688 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC V3T 5B6

or by email to: scholarship@bcute.org 


***        In the event of a postal strike, please submit using the following:

            Completed application forms Must be scanned and E-mailed to: scholarship@bcute.org


Click here for an Application form. 


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